Bitcoin: A Store of Value That Survives Missile Attacks

• The article tells the story of a Bitcoiner who was forced to relocate due to a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
• The Russians used a mobile ballistic missile system called the Iskander-K, which struck the Bitcoiner’s former apartment building and caused destruction.
• Bitcoin serves more effectively as a store of value than real estate, as it can not be destroyed by any attack.

A Bitcoiner’s Story in Ukraine

Being a Bitcoiner means believing in free markets and voluntary exchange. But when faced with unprecedented threats, like those caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is important to be able to move freely and securely. This is my story.

Relocation Due To Invasion

I lived in Kramatorsk until the Russian invasion began, so I decided to relocate to the western part of the country using Bitcoin. Last year I joined the Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine team but my work was interrupted when Russia attacked my former apartment building with its mobile ballistic missile system Iskander-K on February 1st.

Destruction Caused By Attack

The precision weaponry resulted in complete destruction and killed four people while 18 were seriously injured. Fortunately, many lives were saved due to an evacuation of residents and professional rescuers. This attack was deemed one of the most tragic events since an earlier railway station attack that killed 60 people in April 2020.

Bitcoin As A Store Of Value

This case demonstrates that bitcoin serves much better as a store of value than real estate because it cannot be destroyed even by extreme attacks such as this one. So long as you properly store your seed phrase you will always have access to your coins unlike physical property which can be destroyed resulting in no access anymore.


This incident highlights how important personal freedom is for those living under oppressive regimes or facing sudden unexpected threats like war or natural disasters – having access to bitcoin allows us such freedom while still being able to protect our wealth from destruction or theft.