Don’t Miss Out on Bitcoin: 3 Key Lessons Learned from My Journey

A Missed Opportunity to Invest in Bitcoin

• This opinion editorial is about the author’s journey of discovering Bitcoin and his eventual decision to become a HODLer.
• The author found out about Bitcoin from a colleague and was initially skeptical because of his knowledge of other online scams.
• Despite this, the more he learned about it, the more interested he became, but financial constraints prevented him from investing until later on.

Learning About Bitcoin

The author was working at an online brokerage when he met his colleague, Edgar. The two shared interests, predominantly gaming and smoking cigarettes, and would often chat during their smoke breaks. One day when looking at Edgar’s Skype status, which contained a strange gibberish message that looked like it could have been written by a cat, the author asked him what it was. Edgar then proceeded to explain what Bitcoin is all about with great enthusiasm which immediately piqued the authors interest in the topic. However due to his knowledge of other online scams and his precarious financial health at that time, he decided against investing in Bitcoin for now.

More Opportunities Lost

Despite being intrigued by what Edgar had told him about Bitcoin, the author continued to pass on investment opportunities even after hearing stories of people making huge profits off trading BTC. He felt as though it was too risky an investment due to its volatility and unpredictable nature so instead focused his investments elsewhere such as gold or stocks/bonds. As time went on however he slowly started learning more about cryptocurrencies until one day he finally decided to take the plunge and invest in BTC once again despite feeling like he had already missed out on multiple opportunities before then.

Lessons Learned

Through this experience the author learned several key lessons worth sharing with anyone who is still doubtful about cryptocurrency investments:
• Do your own research – Don’t make decisions based solely off someone else’s advice no matter how convincing it may be; always do your own research first before investing in something new or unfamiliar.
• Be aware of scams – While there are many legitimate cryptocurrency investments out there, be sure to stay aware of potential scams that may be lurking around as well since you don’t want your hard earned money going down the drain!
• Take some risks – Investing can be risky but if done correctly can also lead to massive returns; don’t let fear stop you from potentially making great gains if you’re willing to take some risks along the way!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while investing in cryptocurrency can seem daunting at times due to its volatility and unpredictable nature these days, if done correctly there are plenty of rewards available if one is willing to take some risks along their journey into crypto-investment land!