Chance of winning

Our competition guarantees an exceptionally good chance of winning.
We are not looking for the exact weight to be typed exactly, but simply the person whose estimate is closest to the effective number, wins!


1st prize:
The winner of the competition is entitled to take over the organiser’s fully equipped creperie at Kohlenberg in the centre of Basle. This includes the take-over of the facilities, the entire inventory and the know-how.

2nd to 11th prize:
Those ten participants who come closest to the actual weight of the competition crepe with their numbers (estimates) after the winner of the first prize, will each win a hand-crafted porcelain rack worth about CHF 120.-.


Increase your chance of winning

  • Multiple participations allowed
  • Various information about the ingredients, the decoration, the production etc. are available off- and online, those informations significantly facilitate the answer to the subsequent competition question.
  • The creation of the competition crepe was recorded on video (watch it now online!)
How can I participate?


Just scroll up and fill out the competition form.

At Crêperie in Basel

Come visit us and join the competition!

For free

Enjoy a special competition crêpe at Crêperie am Kohlenberg in Basle and you will receive a competition ticket for FREE.

Estimation question

What is the weight of the competition crêpe?

(including dough, filling and decoration)

Further information