Unlock Your Financial Power: Investing in Europe is Easier Than You Think

• Europeans are not taking advantage of their purchasing power, with only 17% owning bitcoin and 15% investing in stocks.
• Reasons for this include lack of trust in the financial system, debt, job insecurity, and lack of financial literacy.
• This is hurting their pockets as it is estimated that they could have €1.2 trillion more if they invested instead of keeping money in the bank.

The Struggle Is Real

Europeans are not taking full advantage of their purchasing power due to a lack of trust in traditional financial institutions, high levels of debt, job insecurity, and a general lack of financial literacy. It is estimated that if Europeans invested instead of just keeping money in the bank accounts for emergencies, their financial wealth would be €1.2 trillion higher.

Lack Of Trust In The Financial System

European millennials have seen firsthand how banks can cause disastrous effects on finances during the Great Recession in 2008; with no repercussions to those responsible for the crisis adding to a general distrust among millennials towards Wall Street and other large banking institutions. This has led them to avoid investing altogether due to feeling like the system itself is rigged against them.


The soaring real estate prices across Europe make it difficult for young people to save and invest when they are also trying to pay off mortgages or car leases alongside credit cards or student loans; leading many people to focus on debt repayment first before attempting any long-term investments or savings plans.

Job (In)Security

Millennials have entered into a challenging job market having experienced low opportunities since entering the workforce post-2008 financial crisis along with stagnating salaries; followed by another major blow due to COVID-19 which caused widespread job losses causing further difficulties for Europeans looking towards long-term planning solutions such as savings or investments.

Lack Of Financial Literacy

Many Europeans lack basic knowledge and skills needed when it comes to managing finances intelligently; making it difficult for many individuals to take steps towards improving their economic future despite wanting too.