Win your own Crêperie

Our restaurant is a family business located in the centre of Basel, Switzerland.
We have been running it successful for 10 years and we do have over 40 years of crêpes and gastronomy experience… Now we are looking for a suitable successor. But we don’t want to sell it to a wealthy person or to a big enterprise… We would rather leave it to a ambitious person, who always dreamed of running a own business. That’s why we decided to organize a competition.
For only € 8.50.- everyone can participate and take the chance to win a fully equipped Crêperie.

Enter competition

It’s your dream running your own gastronomy business?
Make it come true and enter our competition!
Ingredients of our competition crepe
Aus nachhaltigem Anbau

heimische Äpfel

Für unsere Naschkatzen

Süsse GummiBären

Von glücklichen Hühnern gelegt

Freiland Eier

Aus nachhaltigem Anbau

Feines Salz

Die Basis eines guten Crêpes

Feinste Butter

Aus regionalem Anbau

Feine Heidelbeeren

Aus nachhaltigem Anbau

feinstes Mehl

Von glücklichen Kühen

frische Weidenmilch

Aus nachhaltigem Anbau


Die Füllung unseres Gewinnspielcrêpes


In the heart of downtown

See how our competition Crêpe was done

What’s the weight of this Crêpe ? Including dough, filling & decoration.

Watch the production Video of our „competition Crêpe“
This can help you to answer the estimation question correctly and to win the Crêperie.

Enter competition

It’s your dream running your own business? Enter our competition and make it come true…
The participation Fee is only € 8.50 (Multiple participations allowed )

Prize 1: The winner of the competition WINS the fully equipped creperie at Kohlenberg in the centre of Basle. This includes the take-over of the facilities, the entire inventory and the know-how.

Prize 2-11: will each win a hand-crafted porcelain rack worth about CHF 120.-.